styled & accessible learning service agreements

What are SALSAs?

SALSAs are Styled & Accessible Learning Service Agreements.

How is a SALSA different from a traditional syllabus?

SALSAs promote:

  • learner-centric formatting
  • well-defined learning outcomes/objectives
  • compliance with ADA requirements

SALSAs provide targeted information for today's learning environments: online, hybrid, flex and face-to-face.

How does Salsa work?

Salsa generates a unique and random hyperlink for you. Bookmark or copy your hyperlink with the "My SALSA" button. Use the hyperlink to return and edit your SALSAs. Publish your SALSAs to generate a new hyperlink to a "read-only" copy of your Salsa in HTML format. No email address or signup is required.

Who is developing Salsa?

Salsa is an open-source web application being developed at Utah State University. The project team is located at the Center for Innovative Design & Instruction.


Open Syllabus Project

The Open Syllabus Project seeks to promote institutional cooperation in the task of gathering and analyzing a significant corpus of syllabi.

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