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Is this a new type of syllabus?

Yes. The traditional syllabus is out of alignment with today's hybrid and online learning environments.

SALSAs are designed to:

  • deliver information in a learner-centric format
  • incorporate measurable learning outcomes/objectives
  • meet requirements for web accessibility
  • provide responsive layouts for mobile devices
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How does Salsa work?

When you click on "Create your Salsa", a secure link to your new document is opened. As you add information, click "Save" to update your SALSA. Use the "Edit" link to return and make changes to your saved version. Click "Publish" and link to your SALSA in web accessible HTML format.

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No Signup? No Accounts?

We don't collect your personal information or require you to create an account. When you create a SALSA, you are assigned a URL (web address) with a unique, randomized 30-digit key. By using Salsa, you agree to our Terms of Service.

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